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About Us

Our Product

Love in a Snap, Inc.’s® products are designed to provide innovative supports for family life.

Our infant hats are designed to support the cap staying on the infants head with our patent pending magnetic strap application, removing the frustration associated with lost infant items.

We are focused on building innovative products that provide easefulness and convenience.  

The intention is for this product to be in every home in the United States.  The baby care line represent products that turn your parenting frustrations into parenting delights.

Meet The Team

Heather Berg

Founder & President

With a background in accounting and sales, Heather is well aware of the tasks and energy involved with starting and maintaining new ventures. 

As a mother of five children she is abreast of the challenges that come with raising children and innovative solutions to make home life easier.

She is hopeful that her products will shape the future of mothers within the home and provide great levels of easefulness and convenience.

Keisha Lewis Gragg, Chief Operations Officer

Keisha Afua Lewis, originally from Queens NY, is a Howard University Alum and mother of five. As a full time stay at home mom for over ten years, Keisha learned how precious the early moments of childhood are. She also learned how quickly they pass. Today, Keisha works full time providing insurance and risk management for non-profit organizations. Juggling full schedules between work and home life, Keisha abides by two mottos: “Balance is key”, and “be the change you seek in the world.”

Ynez Berg-Jones, Chief Marketing Officer

Recent Graduate from Winston-Salem State University, with a passion for baby items.

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